How to implement "rspamadm mime modify --text-footer=footer.txt --html-footer=footer.html"

  • Hi Boys,

    recently has been released Rspamd version 1.9.0 with the new "mime modify" function. I checked my installation and I've already got the 1.9.0 version, but I don't know how implement the command

    "rspamadm mime modify --text-footer=footer.txt --html-footer=footer.html"

    for all outgoing email.

    I've tryed with

    docker-compose exec rspam d-mailcow rspamadm mime modify --text-footer=footer.txt

    but I got and error: "missing argument 'file'", I suppose that this command must be execute for every outgoing email but I don't know how ... can anyone explain me?

    thank you (and sorry for my English :))