Bad Gateway when running behind Traefik V2

  • Hello,

    I set up a test installation of Mailcow which works fine. Now, I want to move the installation behind a Traefik V2 proxy, however, I only get the words Bad Gateway when trying to access the web interface.

    I followed the installation guide in…rized-docs/firststeps-rp/

    Code: mailcow.conf
    1. HTTP_PORT=8080
    2. HTTP_BIND=
    3. HTTPS_PORT=8443
    4. HTTPS_BIND=

    Other containers, e.g. the whoami "Hello World" container work fine with similar settings.

    `docker-compose logs` is not helpful, giving no messages at all when trying to access the web interface.

    What can be the problem here?

    Replies in German are also great!