Adding the MediaWiki docker image?

  • Hello. I'm interested in adding a wiki to my mailcow server. Has anyone done this? I notice that MediaWiki has an official docker image. It would be cool to be able to integrate that with my mailcow setup like how rspamd and sogo are integrated. The big benefits would be bringing the wiki server up and down with mail and getting fail2ban.

    I figured out how to add links to the homepage: Configuration > Customize > App links. That is very neat.

    Without trying anything yet, it looks like maybe I could do this by setting up the MediaWiki docker image to run on some port other than 80 or 443 and then adding a "location" entry to /opt/mailcow-dockerized/data/conf/nginx/includes/site-defaults.conf like how it's done for rspamd? Would MediaWiki use the existing https certificate automatically or would that have to be copied down to the MediaWiki image?

    I'll update this if I make any progress.