Setup Mailcow with remote mailcow as the MTA for send/receive emails

  • I want to run two instances of mailcow, on two separate machines, two different locations.

    But I want that one of them will act as the only MTA for sending/receiving emails from other MTA's on the internet.

    That is, machine #1 will be the dovecot instance, solr, whatever else components that are essential, and machine #2 will be receiving emails from the internet, forwarding them to the dovecot instance on machine #1

    Similarly, any emails sent via pop3/imap infront of machine #1 dovecot instance, will be forwarded to machine #2 where it will be delivered to the recipient MTA

    The entire storage of emails should be on machine #1, since its the dovecot instance.

    Im not too familiar with mailcow internals, but I really want to get to such deployment setup.

    Any help is appreciated