Rspamd not working after upgrade/migration

  • Hi all.

    Yesterday I migrated my mailcow setup to new hardware. Before the migration I upgraded the old server to the most current mailcow software. I used the rsync method as described in the documentation and everything came back up fine on the new server. This morning I noticed a lot of spam that normally would have been rejected or gone into the junk folder in my inbox.

    Looking at the spam I noticed that there where no headers added. Looking at the rspamd logs I noticed that the last entry is for an email that came through shortly before the old server was shut down yesterday.

    I am not sure where to go from here in fault finding this. Any advice would be appreciated. I still have a backup (proxmox) of the original working system as well as the upgraded system on the old server i can do some testing with.

  • So I just did a test on the original mail server that was upgraded prior to migrating to the new server and rspamd is functioning correctly. It would appear that the issue is either with the new server or the migration process.

    I did try to do an update on the new server that went through fine (although everything was current). As I stated previously - everything else appears to be working fine.